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Lyophilization Validation: A Regulatory Perspective

• Studies where shelf temperature and chamber pressure were offset from commercial set-points – High and low shelf temperature – High and low chamber pressure • Sometimes time is also varied during these studies • Not required for fixed cycles but provides confidence in lyophilization process 18


system Vacuum pump is simulta neously operated to assist in evacuating air Forced air removal is designed for liquid loads in vented containers Exposure includes timed or optional F o based modes Drying can be accomplished by fast exhaust deep vacuum or vacuum pulsing Pre-vacuum and post-vacuum pulses are programmable

The Significance of Humidity Control in GMP Compliant

Aug 15 2018Figure 1: Effect of RH% on materials in static locations It is important to note the relationship between relative humidity (RH%) and air temperature as variations in temperature also will affect the RH% For example a sufficiently large drop in air temperature can result in water vapor condensing out Alternatively cold surfaces will cause condensation


N Vishal Gupta et al/International Journal of PharmTech Research 2016 9(4) pp 220-226 221 The standard temperature and pressure of an autoclave Processes conducted at high temperatures for short time periods are preferred over lower temperatures for longer times

Vacuum Pump Capacity Ratings

The capacity for vacuum pumps is specified in a couple of different ways depending on the type of vacuum pump and the manufacturer It is important to know the ACFM rating of the pump which expresses the actual cubic feet per minute inlet capacity at a specific vacuum level

DOUBLE CONE VACUUM DRYER – Chemiplant Engineering

Roto Cone Vacuum Dryers are most versatile dryers due to the Low drying times achieved Low working temperatures extremely Low Final moisture levels of products It consists of a bi-conical rotating chamber mounted on a robust pedestal The raw material is charged as a batch subjected to indirect heating through a jacket


It cures readily at ambient temperatures or more quickly at elevated temperatures EP42HT-2LO is a superior epoxy adhesive system and is castable to thicknesses exceeding 2-3 inches EP42HT-2LO has excellent physical strength properties and dimensional stability It has an easy to use 100:40 mix ratio by weight or 100:50 by volume

Troubleshooting A Refrigerant Undercharge

Jan 09 2006Low condensing temperature Medium to high compressor discharge temperature: This temperature is very high compared to normal system operations The 220F discharge temperature is caused by the evaporator and compressor running high superheat along with high compression ratios When undercharged do not expect the TXV to control superheat

Tubing Selection Guide from Cole

Jan 23 2020Use the Tubing Selection Guide below to help you select the appropriate tubing for your application The Chemical Compatibility guide and the chemical resistance summary in the table below are only guidelines Chemical resistance and tubing wear may vary according to use always test the tubing you select under the actual conditions

Chapter 3: Review of Basic Vacuum Calculations

Vacuum: from a practical sense vacuum may be defined as the condition of a gas under less than atmospheric pressure Table 3 1: Vacuum ranges Vacuum Description Range Low vacuum 25 to 760 Torr Medium vacuum 10-3 to 25 Torr High vacuum 10-6 to 10-3 Torr Very high vacuum 10-9 to 10-6 Torr Ultrahigh vacuum 10-12 to 10-9 Torr

Yekeey High Shear Mixer Industral Homogenizer Emulsifier

Cream is the water phase and the oil phase emulsion at room temperature to form a paste mixing and homogenizing problems need to Chemical The EW SC products in the preparation of required strong shear dispersing ability water emulsion required to achieve uniform

GMP Medicine Drying Oven GMP Drying Medicine Oven GMP

Product Description GMP Drying Oven / Medicine Powder Drying Oven adopts noise elimination and thermal stable axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system The entire circulation system is enclosed to make that the heat efficiency of the drying oven increases from 3~7% of the traditional drying oven to 35~45% of the present one

Cyclomix high

The Cyclomix high-shear impact mixer is a revolutionary high-speed intensive paddle mixer and agglomerator that has been specially designed for cohesive powders with liquids or melt binders It also handles pastes slurries and liquids with varying characteristics with ease due to its combination of high-shear and high-impact forces

Overview of Crude Units

cracking units The vacuum distillation consists of the vacuum furnace vacuum tower and the vacuum producing system The topped crude is heated up in the vacuum furnace to about 400 C The temperature is controlled to be just below the temperature of thermal decomposition Although a single cut of vacuum gas oil (VGO) is allowed in

Effect of mixing time on the structural characteristics of

Dec 01 2015Fig 4 shows the change of GMP content during vacuum mixing performed under different mixing times For all three flours a considerable ( P 0 05) decrease in the GMP content was observed during the initial stages of mixing (from 0 to 4 min)

China Spray Dryer manufacturer Drying Machine

Vacuum Tray Dryer with Low Temperature FOB Price: US $4 500 / Piece Min Order: 1 Piece Changzhou Chuangke drying granulation Equipment Co Ltd is engaged in drying granulating grinding and mixing machinery research development and manufacturing in strict accordance with the national GMP requirements of the design development

Lab Heating and Drying Ovens

The benefit of this technology is very low air turbulences for gentle drying and heating How Mechanical Convection works In a mechanical convection (or forced air) oven an integrated fan actively moves the air inside the chamber – resulting in an even temperature distribution throughout the chamber (see above)

Mixing and blending

GEA's extensive process knowledge and continuous research delivers the most efficient mixers and blenders We offer a wide range of technical solutions and process options to ensure the efficient mixing and blending of liquids powders and granules for a broad scope of industries and applications


(= Vacuum of e g 100 mm Hg is the same as [760-100]=660 mm Hg absolute pressure) The table shows the water boiling temperature at different vacuum pressure Vacuum is given as absolute pressure and pressure below standard atmospheric pressure (1 bara = 0 vacuum): For full table with Vacuum and Water Boiling Point - rotate the screen!

Dilution refrigerator

A 3 He/ 4 He dilution refrigerator is a cryogenic device that provides continuous cooling to temperatures as low as 2 mK with no moving parts in the low-temperature region The cooling power is provided by the heat of mixing of the Helium-3 and Helium-4 isotopes The dilution refrigerator was first proposed by Heinz London in the early 1950s and was experimentally realized in 1964 in the

A WHO guide to good manufacturing practice (GMP)

2 Good manufacturing practices (GMP) WHO defines Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as "that part of quality assur-ance which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as

South Haven MI

cGMP Development Custom Manufacturing Albemarle's South Haven Michigan site is a full-service cGMP custom manufacturing facility The site has served the pharmaceutical drug substance market for over 40 years and contains everything required to develop APIs to commercialization and provide all the support capabilities you may need

HPHV Steam Sterilizer Bung Processor Dry Heat

• Uniform Drying at low temperature • Instrinsically safe Earthing system • Fan motor unit can be placed in remote areas • 0 3 micron class 100 Hepa filter (optional) • Minimum handling more Hygeinic • All contact parts are made out of S S 304/316 and provided with isolated control panel • Available in standard / GMP model