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Centrifugal spray dryer

High speed centrifugal spray dryer is a new type of high efficiency drying equipment It can make the solution emulsion suspension paste and other materials through spray drying to become dry powder fine medium particles products The utility model has the advantages of high speed high efficiency little operation and manpower saving

Spray tower

The spray waste gas treatment tower is divided into single tower and Twin Towers body The circular tower body is connected by flange segments The utility model is composed of a liquid storage tank a tower body an air inlet section a spray layer a filling layer a cyclone mist removing layer an air outlet cone cap and an observation hole

Double effect external circulation evaporator

Double effect external circulation evaporator Classification: External Circulation Evaporator Introduction: Double effect cycle evaporator is composed mainly of two evaporation chamber two tubular heater a circulating pipe condenser liquid tank and other ancillary equipment Technical department telephone:18866073876 / 0534-5434137 Sales Department Tel:0534-5433137 / 0534

Bag filter

Details Product introduction The bag filter is a new type of filtration system Internal bag filter is composed of a metal basket support bag the liquid from flowing into the entrance the filter bag filter from the outlet impurities intercepted in the bag the bag can be used after replacement

BW HSS And Carbide Cutting Too: 2007/10/6

Our main products include solid carbide / HSS end mills micro electronic drill IC card cutter engraving cutter shell end mills cutting saw reamer thread reamer leading drill involute gear cutter for spur wheel rack and worm milling cutter thread milling cutter form cutters for spline shaft/roller chain sprocket and special tool

dried drilling and blasting method drip drive train driving point admittance driving point impedance droplet entrainment droplet mass transfer coefficient drum drum boiler drum gate drum internals drum stand dry dry dry concrete low dry fire extinguisher dry out dry saturated steam dry test drying drying capacity of pulverizer drying out


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